o Why have a video? - A wedding video is not a luxury it is the one thing that can bring back everyone's memories of the day, for years to come.  Many families say that they didn't appreciate until after the event, and seen the video,  just how much of the day they had missed.

o Why should I pay for a professional video when my guests will have camcorders? Most amateur videos fail due to poor audio, inadequate planning, flow and continuity, shaky and out of focus images, light problems, and insufficient battery capacity!  When you consider how much you are spending on your wedding, the extra that you have to pay to get a quality recording that you will treasure for the rest of your lives, will be well worth it.

o Why is the sound poor on some videos? - Sound quality, often taken for granted, is very important to a video.   To ensure that the vows and speeches are captured with clarity, we can use remote recorders and lapel mics.

o How do I know that the video will be good? - Being a Master Member of the Institute of Videography, and a Qualified Member of the Association of Professional Videomakers, you are assured that my work is produced to a high standard and quality.

o Will the videographer be ordering us around all the time? - My preferred style of filming is unobtrusive and documentary type and I try to maintain a discreet presence.  I do not stage-manage situations but just film as it actually happens on your day.

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