o Will the camera be 'in our face'? - Many people comment that they hardly even noticed me filming.

o Will you edit anything out of our wedding video? - Not unless you ask me to in advance.  I use all clips unless there is a technical reason to take it out, but I edit each to include just the interesting/important moments, and to allow a natural transition to the next.

o Why can the cost vary so much between videographers? - The saying that "you get what you pay for" is a good guide.  With the increasing specifications in video equipment and computer editing software, it is easy for people to call themselves a 'professional videographer' but, consider these questions as a starter: is it their full time job?; are they qualified?; do they use recognised professional equipment?; are they fully insured for equipment, public liability, and professional indemnity?; what exactly is included in the service offered?; do they have, and always carry, back-up equipment?; how experienced are they filming different types of weddings and in differerent conditions?; is their knowledge kept current by professional association membership eg the Institute of Videography?

o Can my wedding be video'd at any venue? - It can depend on where you are getting married. The majority of religious venues welcome videographers who follow 'rules'. These are usually that you dress and behave appropriately and film the entire ceremony on tripod from an agreed fixed spot using only natural light, only moving to cover the signing of the register and to await the couple coming down the aisle at the end.  Many churches do not allow more than one camera and most quite naturally prefer established videographers like myself whom they know and trust.  There are unfortunately, a few clergy who consider that recording overly distracts from the religious ceremony and are not not paricularly accommodating.  In my experience videography is always permitted at civil ceremonies.

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