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o Can you film some video messages from our guests? - I feel that this is an integral part of your day and actively encourage at least a few key guests to use this opportunity to record a personal message to you.  You may even wish to include a 'piece-to camera' yourselves, recalling the memories and highlights of your day.  This can be a wonderful reminder in years to come.

o Will the videographer be dressed appropriately at my wedding? - I personally always wear a collar and tie but you may be surprised what some videographers (and photographers) turn up wearing.

o How long will the videographer stay? - Agree when (and where) the videographer will start filming and when he will finish. Some videographers restrict the hours they will work.

o How much will it cost? - Many videographers offer packages with different levels of service, to suit different budgets.  Usually there are also additional chargeable options available eg choosing your own music, filming preparations, recording guest messages, filming speeches, staying after 8pm.  When looking at prices, make sure that you are comparing equivalent services.  Prices vary but as a guide expect to pay min 1000 for a professional videographer.  I charge a single fixed price and do not have additional charges.

o Will the videographer who filmed and edited the demo seen, be the same one at my wedding? - Be aware that some videographers employ others to assist (often inexperienced) or even do complete weddings for them.  Filming and editing styles also do vary .

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